Strategies for Managing Directors

Understanding the Importance Dates and Events Kim Radok May, 2018

Business people need to be aware of important dates and events in order to maximise their efforts to be paid or seek unexpected benefits.

No longer is business a simple affair as customers often only pay when they feel like it or when funds...

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The World Today - A Business Owner's Perspective - Part Two Kim Radok October, 2017

Business owners and their management teams need to be aware about what is happening around them. It is not enough just to work on your business, you need also to work on your business. A failure to pay attention what is happening, could mean you...

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The World Today - A Business Owner's Perspective - Part One Kim Radok August, 2017

Business owners and their management teams can be overwhelmed by the amount of news about the state of the economy these days. As a consequence, they may miss valuable information that is essential for the welfare and growth of their business....

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2017 - THE YEAR OF COMMON SENSE - PART THREE Kim Radok May, 2017

As we continue our series of making 2017 the year of common sense, the theme in this blog is a focus on problems.

Every business encounters problems and every problem costs money. Therefore, when you eliminate a problem, you save money...

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2017 - THE YEAR OF COMMON SENSE - PART TWO Kim Radok March, 2017

My blog in January was about helping business owners and their managers think about making common sense their focus in 2017. In that blog, it was all about starting the focus on general issues. The focus of this blog is all about the unpaid...

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2017 - THE YEAR OF COMMON SENSE - PART ONE Kim Radok January, 2017

It is said that common sense is not so common these days. Perhaps there is something to that thought when you review what business people are doing.

As a business owner or senior manager, perhaps now is the time to reconsider making 2017, "The...

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The Customer Maybe King - But Not All Kings Are Good! Kim Radok October, 2016

Business owners are regularly confronted with the saying "The customer is king!" Unfortunately, not all customers behave like good kings. Some customers are like bad kings and are nothing more than bullies, crooks and tyre kickers.

One of the...

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Only A Hundred Days To Go - Will You Be Paid? Kim Radok September, 2016

Recently I was reminded that there were only a 100 days to go to Christmas and as we all know; 00 days soon disappears.

One of the critical aspects of meeting any deadlines is managing time. For instance, if you want to have funds for...

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Learning To Say NO Is Good For You Kim Radok June, 2016

In a previous blog from 2013 Learning The Power of NO I discussed the power of being able to say No. Learning about the power of saying no, is not just a business skill to be learnt for the betterment of your business. Learning to say no,...

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If Only I Had Managed The Risk Of Possible Insolvency Better Kim Radok May, 2016

One of the least desirable outcomes of owning and managing a business is to end up in front of Insolvency Administrators or a Regulatory Authority like ASIC. On occasions when you speak with those business people or managers who have; they may...

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Managing Or Operating A Business Is Like Competing In A Pentathlon Kim Radok April, 2016

Managing and operating a business is like competing in a modern pentathlon at the Olympics. In each setting, the participant must be as good as possible in a number of different disciplines.

The pentathlon competitor has to develop their...

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Disruptors & Disruption - Are Just a Part of Modern Business Life Kim Radok February, 2016

It seems where ever you look these days, there is an article about the disruptors or disruptions to business. The fact is, businesspeople have always had their orderly thoughts and business affairs interrupted by disruptions. It is just part of...

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Getting Paid in 2016 Kim Radok January, 2016

Welcome to 2016, a new year of business opportunities. The economic and business information provided by the media and experts, is conflicting. One group is saying economic and trade conditions are getting worse and turbulent times are ahead. The...

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Pre-Christmas - The Best Learning Period About Business Kim Radok December, 2015

Here we are, with Christmas just a few weeks away. Depending on your point of view, December is either known as "the silly season", "the season of good cheer and goodwill to all people", "the season of loneliness", or "the season of...

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You Are The Business Owner - So The Buck Stops With You Kim Radok November, 2015

You may be aware of the quote by President Truman which is "The Buck Stops Here." As a business owner, the same applies to you - "The Buck Stops With You!" The problem for many business people is that they are often unprepared to accept the buck...

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Nothing Seems To Be The Same Anymore Kim Radok October, 2015

Today I suspect there are business owners or managers which are either worried sick about the future or so busy with work, they haven't got time to think. Well, you will not be on your own.

The sharemarket appears to be going down, former...

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Understanding The Risks of Business Kim Radok August, 2015

There is always risk in business, and more so since we are now live in a globally connected business world. No longer is even the humble shop keeper in the suburbs or country Australia for instance, immune from what is happening in Europe, China,...

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A Molehill or a Mountain? Kim Radok July, 2015

Problems are unfortunately, a part of business and the sooner we resolve problems, the sooner we can get back to doing real business.

In my previous blog for Debtor Control, I discussed the importance of learning how to make a decision on any...

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Decision Making - You Will Not Always Be Right Kim Radok June, 2015

Business is a tough gig and one of the toughest tasks in business is making the right decision. If there is one thing you soon learn in business is that occasionally you are called on to make a really tough decision. The decision may involve...

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Invoice Intergrity Kim Radok April, 2015

Invoice integrity is paramount in operating a successful business. The benefits in knowing your invoices have been raised and forwarded correctly provide many positives for your business. After all, the best way to lose money is to raise invoices...

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Business Diversity Kim Radok March, 2015

Diversity is a feature of the modern business world which is often not managed properly. For instance, we all know the issues associated with a diverse workforce of people from different age groups, cultures and religious groups. However do we...

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The Learning Business Owner Kim Radok February, 2015

Most people who go in to business for the first time have little idea of what it really means to be a business owner. This is irrespective of their prior professional or managerial experiences, and/or courses undertaken. Once you have your...

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Making Small Changes Works As Well Kim Radok January, 2015

Business owners and managers are continually encouraged to make changes to their business operations to keep up with the times. There are a number of consultants and change masters who advocate the theory, if you are going to make a change, make...

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Reflection Time Is Now Kim Radok December, 2014

We are now coming up to the end of another year and so our thoughts are starting to focus on Christmas and the New Year. From a personal perspective, you will be looking for a break from business, a well-earned rest, and a chance to recharge your...

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The Right Type of Customers Kim Radok September, 2014

Irrespective of whether we are talking about your private acquaintances, sporting friends or business customers; you need to be careful of your associations. The reasons for taking such care are, (i) you are in part defined by your associations,...

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What is Happening Around You? Kim Radok August, 2014

Business is not conducted in a vacuum or sole between the interaction between your business and a supplier or customer. Our businesses operate in a community composed of  many different parties, each with their own vested interests. The way...

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Selecting a Mentor Kim Radok July, 2014

The small business owner or manager is often at a disadvantage to many other business owners and managers because of a lack of business experience and an ability to find the right emotional support. One way the business owner or manager can get...

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The Emotional Cost Of Dealing With Customers Kim Radok June, 2014

The average business person / manager often dread looking at the Debtor Ledger because it only seems to contain bad news. The constant list of non-paying customers with their problems and excuses drives them almost to despair at times.


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If You Are Afraid of Your Customer - Then They Own Your Business Kim Radok March, 2014

We operate in a business environment which seems to advocate that all customers' requirements must be accepted, if you are to operate a profitable business.

Unfortunately the advocates of such expressions rarely operate a normal business and...

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2014 the Year to be Cautiously Optimistic Kim Radok January, 2014

As we enter 2014, there are business indicators which suggest the bottom on the bad economic news is coming to an end. However there are a number of pitfalls ahead for all business owners and managers.

So, whilst I encourage the optimism,...

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Dealing With Slow Paying Customers Kim Radok October, 2013

In business you will always find that you are dealing with slow paying customers. Unfortunately there is no escaping this fact.

So how do you deal with slow paying customers effectively?

At the end of the day, the answer is the same as...

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Doing Business With Big Business Kim Radok August, 2013

You are a new generation business owner, times maybe a bit tough, or you are really ambitious. Then the offer by a major corporate business arrives with the words "We would like to buy your product."

You beauty you say, "Here is the opportunity...

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Sell Your Terms of Trade Kim Radok May, 2013

There will be times when you are about to sign up a new customer and they baulk at signing or accepting of your terms of trade.

There are many reasons which they will raise to try and force you to sacrifice some of your power and rights. If you...

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Operational Resources Kim Radok April, 2013

One of the key problems for the micro and small business owner is having enough people resources to operate their business efficiently. In particular administration, bookkeeping, promptly raising invoices, answering customer enquiries and making...

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The Business Owner Telephoning For The Unpaid Invoice Kim Radok February, 2013

In October 2012 - my blog on this site described various reasons why business owners are not always suited to making telephone calls for the unpaid invoice.

Another good reason for the business owner to NOT make the telephone call on a day-today...

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Learning The Power of NO Kim Radok December, 2012


An essential art for anybody in business is learning to say NO at the right time. This can only be learnt through experience, in believing in one's self and by understanding the power of saying NO.


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What Are You Good At? Kim Radok October, 2012

What Are You Good At?

One of the core aspects of all business owners is to identify what they are good at, and what they are not good at. Having made that decision, they are then encumbered on employing people who can do the other tasks more...

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It is Your Business Kim Radok August, 2012


Every business owner has the right to operate the business according to their wishes. This means a business owner should operate in a manner which shows the customer clearly that they are in control. Whilst you may have to...

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Creating Your Business To Win Kim Radok July, 2012

Sun Tzu the ancient Chines warlord said words to the effect of: “Win the battle at home so you can win the war.”

Business is a war waged relentlessly against your competitors, fraudsters, slow paying customers and economic conditions. Make no...

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