Strategies for Managing Directors

2014 the Year to be Cautiously Optimistic Kim Radok January, 2014

As we enter 2014, there are business indicators which suggest the bottom on the bad economic news is coming to an end. However there are a number of pitfalls ahead for all business owners and managers.

So, whilst I encourage the optimism, there is still need for caution.

Therefore I suggest the four biggest dynamics for all business owners and managers to concentrate on are:

1  Complete due diligence on all new customer enquiries and any customers who suddenly want to increase their purchases;

2  Listen to your "gut" and if something looks too good to be true - remember it is probably bad for your business;

3  Stay strong in your beliefs and business disciplines - as your customers will respect your disciplines but take advantage of your weaknesses;

4  Sell innovatively and as part of the process, look at new payment methodologies.

May 2014 be a truly good business and profitable year for you - and it will be if you take care and don't trop your guard.

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