Strategies for Managing Directors

Operational Resources Kim Radok April, 2013

One of the key problems for the micro and small business owner is having enough people resources to operate their business efficiently. In particular administration, bookkeeping, promptly raising invoices, answering customer enquiries and making telephone calls for the unpaid invoices.

Most micro and small business owners can supply the service or the product efficiently enough. However it is in the completion of these other tasks which causes them the most problems.

Promptly raising an invoice, answering and resolving customer enquiries and making timely telephone calls; are amongst the critical tasks in getting paid and maintaining cashflow.

Fortunately, today's business owners do not have to employ a person solely for each of the aforementioned tasks. There are many suitable and specialised service providers who can supply these needs. As an added advantage, the business owner only has to pay their service provider(s) for the time it takes to complete the tasks required.

Learning how to employ these service providers properly, adds additional benefits to your business. For example, whilst you do what  you do best, the other essential business tasks are completed by those most suitable for that work.

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