About Debtor Control

About Us

There is no doubt, one of the keys to business success is managing your Debtors.

At Debtor Control we help business owners and manager reclaim ownership and control of their business from the customer.

During the life of a business, events occur which can change the dynamics of the business - customer relationship. In the post event period, inadvertently the business owner or manager can lose control of the business relationship to their customers.

In such circumstances, the business owner or manager soon realises they have lost control over the business relationship. Once this happens, they often feel powerless to take back control because they fear they may lose future sales and business.

At the end of the day, you do not let the tax man, the supplier, the accountant, or anybody else for that matter, run your business. So why do you allow customers to run your business?

Debtor Control offers strategies and services which assists you to take back control over your business.