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Decision Making - You Will Not Always Be Right Kim Radok June, 2015

Business is a tough gig and one of the toughest tasks in business is making the right decision. If there is one thing you soon learn in business is that occasionally you are called on to make a really tough decision. The decision may involve sacking a friend or a customer, risking a business deal, taking legal action or, picking up the telephone and actually talking to a person about a serious problem.

Another thing you soon learn in business, just as in your private life, not every decision will be correct. At times you will have to make a decision in a no-win situation, i.e. you cannot win if you do make a decision and you cannot win by putting off that decision.

You will also soon find out, by delaying making that decision, your small problem usually becomes a large problem. Furthermore there is nothing like avoiding a decision, to find out there is an added emotional toll plus increased dollar costs involved in resolving the problem.

Finally, you also learn that once you have made that decision, the outcome is usually not as bad as you imagined. The main factor in not making the decision was fear. In business, fear is one of the dominate features which affects the potential of your business, and your growth as a business person. Therefore by making decisions, especially the tough ones, you begin the process of developing yourself in to being a better person.

Making tough decisions is a learning process which can be developed over time. You may never become fully comfortable with making tough decisions. However you do learn to manage your feelings and become better at making these decisions. You will also find that delaying a decision soon becomes a burden that weighs you down. Therefore one of the key benefits of making a really tough decision is finding the burden you were carrying around has finally been lifted. You can now move on with a clear mind to other business matters.

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