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Learning To Say NO Is Good For You Kim Radok June, 2016

In a previous blog from 2013 Learning The Power of NO I discussed the power of being able to say No. Learning about the power of saying no, is not just a business skill to be learnt for the betterment of your business. Learning to say no, properly, is part of your own personal evolution in to a skilled professional business person or manager.

No matter how experienced you are as a tradesperson, professional athlete, professional service provider, or even in your personal life, staring a business is another proposition altogether. In business, most of us start out relatively inexperienced in the art of business. As a result, we will all make mistakes on our journey to become a better business owner or manager.

It is not that we make mistakes along the way that is the critical issue. The critical issue is that we try not to repeat the mistake again and learn from that mistake. As experienced human educators would articulate, a mistake can be a valuable learning experience. The proviso is of course, that you have learnt something positive from the experience.

Learning when and how to say no, is a skill which can be learnt. Furthermore, once you have learnt how and when to say no effectively, you become a more powerful business owner and manager.

There are many business owners and managers who have said yes over the years and have come to regret their decision. I have been one of those people. It was only afterwards I came to understand why I said yes in that situation. Costly as that decision was at the time, it was learning from the experience which will give me a better return in my future business dealings

Life is an ongoing learning laboratory where making the occasional wrong decision is part of the process of growing up as a person. Owning and managing a business is another learning laboratory. Learning when to yes or no, is part of the process of helping you grow in to a better business owner or manager.

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