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What is Happening Around You? Kim Radok August, 2014

Business is not conducted in a vacuum or sole between the interaction between your business and a supplier or customer. Our businesses operate in a community composed of  many different parties, each with their own vested interests. The way people do business varies constantly. In addition you will also find peoples' experiences and influences changes their behaviour.

The greatest changes for some time have occurred because of the GFC. Whilst a number of economists and business people sort of believe the GFC is behind us, the truth is, the influences of the GFC will linger for some time yet.

In this blog, I will advise of three societal influences which are affecting your business today and will continue to do so in the coming years. Some of these influences are as a result of the GFC and others due to changes in society.  The three influences introduced in this blog, and in particular order of importance are:



Unemployment brought about by structural changes in the Australian business community.

Therefore I suggest you take steps to understand the direct or indirect impact these three influences are or will have on your business.

Remember, you do not operate a business in an isolated vacuum or on a one-to-one basis. You are always operating in a business community where change is a constant.

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