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The Business Owner Telephoning For The Unpaid Invoice Kim Radok February, 2013

In October 2012 - my blog on this site described various reasons why business owners are not always suited to making telephone calls for the unpaid invoice.

Another good reason for the business owner to NOT make the telephone call on a day-today basis is because of emotion.

Effective telephone calls require a clear head and a cool approach. This is not always possible when the money (the invoice) you are telephoning for, is yours. Therefore when business owners make these telephone calls, they often allow emotion to control the words which come out of their mouth.

This in turn affects the way the customer perceives the conversation, and may inadvertently allow them to control the conversation.

The one time I believe the business owner can and should make these calls is when other efforts fail. When other peoples' efforts fail and the invoice(s) remain unpaid, I suggest the business owner contacts the other business owner to discuss the situation.

If managed properly, with equals (business owner to business owner) discussing "a problem", often an equitable solution can be found. The truth in business is suppliers need customers and customers need suppliers. In the current economic climate, it just does not make commercial sense to burn another business opportunity.

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