Strategies for Managing Directors

It is Your Business Kim Radok August, 2012


Every business owner has the right to operate the business according to their wishes. This means a business owner should operate in a manner which shows the customer clearly that they are in control. Whilst you may have to compromise occasionally to win a profitable sale, you do not have to give up your rights for every sale.

Many business owners lose control of their business by dealing with customers who are not suitable for their size of business or type of product.

For instance, rarely will the small business have the clout to deal with a major corporate and win the argument if something goes wrong. Dealing with a large corporate business often means, if you want to keep selling to them, you work to their rules.

In another example, always accepting customers demands is another way you lose control of your business. In the end, you usually find once again, you are just working for your customer and not for yourself.

The best way to deal with all your customers is to remember IT IS YOUR BUSINESS. If you chose to perhaps lose some sales in order to protect your business integrity, then that is your choice and right.


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